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The twenty-first century will be the century of play
Brian Sutton-Smith
A playful path is the shortest road to happiness.
- Bernard DeKoven
What is PlayArt?
PlayArt is a new art form that calls for active participation of the viewer and it offers a range of different types of involvement. Some PlayArtists focus on shapes and structures, others rely on scientific techniques like mechanical principles, physics or digital technology. Whatever the elements, PlayArt aims to get the audience intensively engaged by creating a playful mindset, by enabling playful and creative activities, and by encouraging hands-on experimentation. It is the intention of PlayArtists that their works be touched, manipulated and experienced. Variable or movable sculptures can be rearranged or set into motion. PlayArt captures the viewer’s imagination, stimulates curiosity and gives rise to the joy of discovery and play.
Ernst Lurker - Mobilus
Ernst Lurker
(Ernst Lurker is the founder of the PlayArt movement, the creator of the philosophy and the publisher of the Website.) 
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