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More than 1,000 artists are affiliated with this art movement, and it is redundant to duplicate the represented artists of the site in this list. Most artists who work with science centers, such as the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the Technorama in Winterthur, Switzerland and with numerous science museums around the globe are part of the movement. But many artists made significant additional contributions in terms of writing and various initiatives beyond their art work, also other professionals made such contributions, and these visionaries are listed in this list.

Sander Arts (see: Playful Animals)
Mimi Berlin (see:
Kai Bierich (architect), initiated the museum project in Stuttgart
Jochen Boberg (see:
Serrgey Brin (see:
Santiago Calatrava (see: category=contemporary&pageNum=3&totalRows=70)
Manuel Carlsson (computer and Internet expert) 
Peer Clahsen (see:
Frank Gehry (architect) see:
Iftah Geva (see:
Lanier Graham (former curator at MoMA, NY, see:
Franz Humer, initiated the exhibition at the Museum Tinguely in Basel
Pamela Hunter (see:
David Koren (see:
Bernard De Koven (see:
Wolf Kühnelt (Kulturprojekte Berlin)
Mary Alice Long (see:
Rory MacNich (see:
Larry Page (see:
William Paley, former President of MoMA, secured funding of the planned exhibition by his own means.
Kurt Perschke (see:
Klaus Pfeffer (see:
Daniel Pink (author, A Whole New Mind)
Rolf Raisch, produced some PlayArt objects, 2 for MoMA, and initiated the Olympic TinkerLinks. 
Martin Riches, facilitated the museum project in Berlin
Caroline Rigby, inspired the "Play and Healing" segment on the PlayArt philosophy page. 
Franco Rocco (see:
Ernö Rubik (see:
Victor Rugg (see:
Itsuo Sakane (see:
Joerg Schulze, first professor for PlayArt (see:
Ruth Shapiro, (manager for publications at MoMA, NY)
Kelly Ann Smith, author of the newspaper article on PlayArt in the East Hampton Press (see:
Ed Tannenbaum (see:
Marna Thoma (former manager for publications at MoMA, NY)
Fred Voss (see:
Guido Wirtz (author of the German Wikipedia entry for PlayArt:
Steven Zaluski (see:
Richard Zawitz (see:
Elmar Zorn (see:
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