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Brian Sutton-Smith
I have a dream for a series of PlayArt museums around the world. It would be an open-learning system for active introspection - meditation in motion. Not for learning about the external world, but for learning about the internal world. What makes you happy? Why? I think the most important thing people do is love. The next most important thing is laughing and smiling. We do much too little of that. So I dream of a Play Palace where smiles are certain, and self-reflection follows.
Lanier Graham,
former curator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
Concept for a Museum of PlayArt
  • The Museum of PlayArt would be first of its kind.
    (Specifications for the Museum of PlayArt)
  • PlayArt Projects in the Following Cities:
  • Innovative architecture would become the seed of a new style. Architecture has always moved towards greater flexibility and expanded freedom of the user. The Bauhaus, with its emphasis on the steel skeleton, was the primary proponent of the goal of universality in architecture. This philosophy would be carried to the next level by the pioneering Museum of PlayArt. Cutting edge engineering and interactive architecture would create a radical departure from our city culture of today.
  • Berlin had made the commitment to create a Museum of PlayArt. The city leadership was hoping to create a sensational newsmaker and thus reconfirm Berlin’s image as a futuristic and culturally dynamic city.
  • The project is currently on hold for lack of funding, and we are in the process of developing alternate strategies.
  • An architectural competition is to be one of the first steps towards the realization of the project.
  • To be commensurate with the PlayArt philosophy, the structure should boast the most playful, colorful and joyous architecture in the world.
For an advance impression of the playful spirit of the museum click here .
For images of playful architecture click here
Playful, Colorful Shapes Inspiring Future Architecture
Playful and colorful shapes can serve as inspiration to the future architecture.
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