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The twenty-first century will be the century of play
Brian Sutton-Smith

In the midst of our ever-progressing scientific technological civilization, we have come to allow ourselves to become restricted and bound by machines, the organizations, and regulations we ourselves have created, and to loose our freedom of thought and feeling. Thus it would seem that it is at this present moment that we are in greater need of a fresh, untrammeled spirit of humor and play than in any other period of human history.

The Interaction of Art and Play.

Interactive arts [are] giving the audiences the joy of play and creation. Many of these works…use this playful spirit to bring the audience into participation in the richness of self-discovery. In this respect, interactive art transcends conventional genres of art. Because it is connected with the broader human reality and the joy of discovery, it should be seen in the context of Callois’ and Huizinga’s ideas of play as the basis of culture.

Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo Newspaper, 1984, Director: Itsuo Sakane 

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