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Brian Sutton-Smith
Lurker attempted to keep the design as simple as possible, therefore he radically limited his repertoire to only two shapes duplicating their proposed starting dimension only twice whereby he arrived at two fixed interrelated modules. The resulting geometric construction deserves its own category since it was the first object that inspired the name PlayArt. It almost fell into place while Lurker played with the wooden elements that he combined into the final work. It was a surprising but logical discovery when the chain fit together into a cube. He could not have preconceived this result, it was simply a function of the geometry and an outcome of his playful action that took advantage of the configurations the elements offered by themselves. He simply needed to be open to the various possibilities of the intrinsic geometry.

The chain is capable of appearing in numerous configurations; the normal straight and linear display, but also in circular, zig-zag and countless other ornamental or even arbitrary arrangements. The combinations of these possibilities allow a multitude of unexpected geometric or sculptural formations, and they offer a multitude of creative outcomes.

Obviously, anyone can enjoy such explorations into this creativity and make the most amazing discoveries. Herein we can find the source of creativity at large. The “user” starts to think like an artist or an architect and thus also becomes more creative. PlayArt has become the engine of an increased creativity for the entire population.
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