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We all know that playful activities are not always sheer joy and fun. Unexpected accidents happen, even lives can be in danger. Some activities are more controversial than others, and opinions about such play can diverge dramatically. Yarn bombing is a typical activity where attitudes are often strongly divided.

For many, yarn bombing is a form of street activity that is a form of temporary street art that enlivens the environment and makes gray, urban areas more joyful and happy. Others, primarily nature fans, consider the intervention harmful to the trees, they equate it with graffiti and vandalism, it can actually be punished as such.

The history of yarn bombing goes back to the 1990 when Bill Davenport in Houston, TX created crochet-covered sculptures. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon, and most projects were executed in urban areas, most frequently on public properties and installations. Obviously, this situation necessitated official permissions from authorities, with deadlines for responsible removal of rotting yarn. This was also the only feasible solution to the opposing camps, even though opinions still differ.



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